Back in 1990, Nintendo fan Jason Venter had an idea. He loved Super Mario Bros. 3 and the excellence of that game inspired him to create a planning document for a sequel.

That document was packed with the kind of ideas that could only come from the active imagination of an 11-year-old gaming addict - but the amazing thing is that Nintendo didn't ignore the pitch or throw it in the bin as many other companies might have done, but instead took the time to reply to Venter, encouraging him to keep working on his gaming ideas.

You can view the reply below:


Here's what Venter has to say about the letter today:

I've been a fan of Nintendo and its games for a long while, and this letter (partly) shows why. When I sent an unsolicited idea, the company didn't have to send a careful response, and didn't need to return my documents. Sending them through the paper shredder probably would have worked just as well.Instead, though, the company complimented me on my creativity and returned my plans so that I wouldn't have to feel my work was wasted. I still have the plans somewhere, too, but they're very juvenile and rough and I don't feel like digging them up and scanning them. Still, I appreciate that Nintendo took me seriously and was so encouraging, even though what I received was likely just a form letter prepared in advance for just such an occasion.

Venter may have not wanted to show off the doc to begin with, but the guys and gals over at Polygon clearly convinced him it was worth doing, as they have published snaps with his blessing - which you can view below.

Of course, Super Mario 4 would be released in the form of Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo, and while Venter's idea sadly fell by the wayside, it's clear that he was deeply touched by Nintendo response.

Thanks to tipster expert Ryan Millar for the heads up!