Wind Waker Ganondorf - Exclusive

As you may know by now, First 4 Figures is a well known entity responsible for creating amazingly-detailed figures, covering an array of game franchises from Super Mario to Worms. It recently announced the latest instalment to its collection, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker series, and has began this lighter art style with the Dark Lord himself, Ganondorf - Toon Ganondorf, to be specific.

Similar to some of its existing models, Ganondorf is available to pre-order in both regular and exclusive versions, with the exclusive containing "bright LEDs which pulse rhythmically, giving the impression of flowing water". The exclusive version costs $269.99, which starves your wallet by an extra $20.00 should you not prefer its regular version counterpart. Whichever version a purchaser chooses, they shouldn't be disappointed with the figure's stature, for it measures in at a Dodongo-sized 15 inches tall.

Will you be forking out your rupees on this? If so you'd better pre-order quickly, for First 4 Figures has stated that due to this model being the first in the series its stock is low in numbers. Both figure versions are stated to become available in quarter three of 2015.


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