Expected this summer

Antipole, which emerged in 2011 on DSiWare, was a run 'n gun platformer with a gravity-inverting twist that fueled its fighting and puzzle elements. You also got to play as a red-clad, robot-destroying mercenary named Johnny Hurricane, which is way '90s cool.

Developer Saturnine Games has announced that a remake of Antipole will be making a return to both the Wii U and 3DS eShops this coming future. Dubbed Antipole DX, the remake is said to feature a number of upgrades. In addition to fully remade graphics and sound, the original levels will be retooled and all-new ones added. The game will also take advantage of online capabilities with Miiverse support and and a leaderboard built around speedrunning.

Saturnine is currently hoping for a simultaneous release on both platforms this summer. In the meantime, you can compare a few new screenshots to the original title to see how things are shaping up. We enjoyed Antipole's platforming and/or hate robot invaders, giving the DSiWare title a favourable review. The deluxe version might end up being one to not let escape your gravity.

Did you play the original Antipole? Are you looking forward to Antipole DX? Let us know!