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1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 21st Jul 2011, 500 points
  • EU 29th Dec 2011, 500 points


  • Review Antipole (DSiWare)

    Rock you like a Hurricane

    While it may be difficult to achieve the recognition and greatness of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge or Cave Story, platform adventure games are still very welcome on DSiWare. Antipole, the newest title from Saturnine Games, might not be the most original genre entry in the universe, it is still a very gravitating game with a...

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Antipole News

  • News Antipole Gets the DX Treatment in Flip to 3DS and Wii U

    Hurricane season is returning

    Antipole, which emerged in 2011 on DSiWare, was a run 'n gun platformer with a gravity-inverting twist that fueled its fighting and puzzle elements. You also got to play as a red-clad, robot-destroying mercenary named Johnny Hurricane, which is way '90s cool. Developer Saturnine Games has announced that a remake of...

  • Nintendo Download 29th December 2011 (Europe)

    Bionic Commando!

    Just because the Christmas celebrations are winding down doesn't mean we can't feel all festive and excited about the final Nintendo Download of 2011. What choice delights does Nintendo Europe have lined up for excited eShoppers this week? Read on, dear reader, and find out. 3DS Virtual Console: Bionic Commando (Game Boy, Capcom,...

  • News Antipole Flips Into Europe on 29th December

    Not 5th January

    Among the many Nintendo release date announcements yesterday was the announcement that DSiWare puzzle platformer Antipole is to reach Europe on 5th January, but developer Saturnine Games has dropped us a line to correct that date. Antipole will be released on 29th December, fully localised into French, Italian, German and Spanish as...

  • Nintendo Download 21st July 2011 (North America)

    Nintendo Video arrives!

    After last week's excitement with the Netflix application coming to 3DS, now everyone gets a taste of free 3D video with the Nintendo Video application to download from the eShop. Elsewhere there's a 3D Classic, some DSiWare and a WiiWare title too. 3DS eShop: 3D Classics: Xevious (Nintendo, $5.99) — The second...

  • News Your Free Antipole Soundtrack Awaits

    Game out this Thursday

    Antipole is ready for release in North America this Thursday, and to get you in the mood Saturnine Games has released the game's soundtrack for free via its website. The nine-track aural accompaniment was composed by Cosmos X2 musician Zack Parrish, with tracks ranging from retro tunes to pieces like You Think You're Tough?...

  • News Flip Over Antipole on 21st July

    500pts for puzzle platformer

    After shooter Cosmos X2, Saturnine Games is ready to release its second DSiWare game. Antipole, next week. The gravity-bending platform puzzle game will reach DSiWare in North America on 21st July and sell for 500 Points. Saturnine also sent over the launch trailer below, so check it out and pop back after the 21st for...

  • News Antipole Contains a Surprise for Cosmos X2 Owners

    Submitted to lotcheck now

    Topsy-turvy DSiWare outing Antipole is on its way to the download service in the coming months, as developer Saturnine Games has announced the game's submission to Nintendo's lotcheck. Any players who've picked up Saturnine's DSiWare shooter Cosmos X2 can expect a special surprise too, with a bonus mode included that's only...

  • News First Antipole Screenshots Flip DSiWare On its Head

    Defying gravity

    Saturnine Games just sent over the first screenshots of its upside-down platform puzzler Antipole for DSiWare, revealing a little more about the gravity-flipping title. Like all good games, the ultimate aim in Antipole is to prevent a robot invasion. Thankfully your mysterious main character has the ability to reverse gravity,...

  • News Xbox Live Arcade's Antipole Flipping to DSiWare

    Saturnine Games returns

    Xbox Live Arcade title Antipole attracted plenty of attention with its gravity-flipping gameplay, and soon DSi owners will be able to get their hands on the innovative platformer as developer Saturnine Games has announced it'll be bringing the title to DSiWare. The game is said to be progressing well, with several stages...

About The Game

In Antipole, players bend the laws of gravity in their quest to fend off a robot invasion.

Players are given the ability to invert gravity in the area around them. The inverted gravity affects not only the player but also anything else nearby, including enemies, objects, and pools of acid.

Players must journey through the robot spaceship using their ability to manipulate gravity to progress through increasingly harder challenges. Players face traditional platforming challenges along with more advanced puzzles testing their ability to move objects such as blocks and keys through the levels to help them advance.