A bundle that costs less than £200

Just last week we highlighted some outstanding Amazon UK deals on white 8GB Wii U systems, while other retailers have also been discounting the — effectively discontinued — unit to get rid of stock. As the model has struggled to sell it was safe to speculate that it was a damage limitation exercise to clear valuable storage and stock space, but it seems that the discounts may have been assisted by Nintendo itself.

Trade publication MCV is reporting that Nintendo effectively cut the trade price of the Wii U (the amount retailers pay for stock) by around £70 in the UK — in late October — allowing retailers to attempt to shift these units at lower prices and still squeak a profit. As the deals we highlighted show there are some outstanding offers, especially considering the fact that even a 32GB system won't go far without an external hard drive.

It should be noted, which is no surprise considering the deals and prices offered by most retailers, that the black 32GB model has seen no price change, and none is currently expected.

It says much for the struggles of the Basic Wii U model that Nintendo is willing to take a sizeable hit to encourage more sales and clearance of stock.

Have you been tempted by any of the deals on the white model, or do you know others that have? Let us know.

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