Timelines can be rather controversial in any franchise, but when they're applied to one of Nintendo's more storied franchises they can lead to some feisty disagreements. The Legend of Zelda is the famous example, dividing fans to this day despite an official version being available in Hyrule Historia; when you take into account split dimensions and alternate realities, the potential for confusion is clear.

It seems that Pokémon is heading that way, with 3DS entries X & Y and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire seemingly contributing to the confusion. Tumblr user AzzyFox has had a go at making sense of the possibilities for a 'mon timeline and, well, look at it.

Pokemon Timeline

We certainly recommend visiting the Tumblr page to look at a magnified version, which should prove handy to those of you keen on the details. Maybe worrying about these details is a mistake...

[source azzyfox.tumblr.com, via kotaku.com]