LEGO Wind Waker Overworld

Fan projects are always something that adds to the magic of the Nintendo community, and what we have here is no exception. BrucilSprout has designed the whole overworld from GameCube's The Wind Waker, rendered in POV-ray using Lego Digital Designer software.

The entire model contains around 1,900 pieces, and boasts an incredible amount of detail. For those familiar with the game, it's quite easy to spot certain locations, as each respective area position and shape has been well thought-out.

If you're interested in the original file for this masterpiece, you can download it here. If you can't get enough of BrucilSprout's work, check out the last image below of his latest project - the Ocarina of Time overworld (Zora's Domain and its surrounding area).

Have you made any Nintendo-related models or projects such as this? If so, shout about it below!

LEGO Wind Waker Overworld 2

LEGO Wind Waker Overworld 3

LEGO Ocarina of Time Overworld