These are strange times in the world of Nintendo collectibles. While a number of us are happily building amiibo collections and trying to ensure that our figures stay in one piece, some are finding faulty toys and making a small fortune on eBay. It kicked off with a dual wielding Samus that sold for $2500, while a legless Peach amiibo that we recently reported on has now received bids of $3500 with five days to go. Fans with a lot of money seem to really want these rare amiibo — and yes, the plural of amiibo is, officially, amiibo.

While there are some silly listings on eBay trying to cash in — there are humorous examples citing barely visible paint blemishes and a Marth with a "very straight sword" — there are a couple more seemingly legitimate listings available. First off we have a Villager amiibo whose arms have been put on the wrong way around — its listing hasn't attracted any truly handsome bids yet, however.

Faulty Villager2

Next up we have a Fox amiibo that's missing the visor over his right eye, though he does have the headpiece; this has attracted bids of over $100 with five days to go.

Faulty Fox

When will the appetite for faulty amiibo end? Are there Nintendo fans scouring stores for defective figurines? Based on the two biggest sales success stories so far, we suspect some more eBay sellers will be hoping to strike gold in the coming weeks.

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