As eager followers of Splatoon likely already know, the development team in Japan have been posting regular tweets showing off features of the colourful shooter; we posted a second summary not so long ago. So far we've been reliant on unofficial translations, but Nintendo has now stepped in to provide an official source.

A web page has been launched on Tumblr for these "research lab" posts. The whole backlog has been posted, while we've copied the two most recent additions below.


Hey, guys! If you’re cephalopod crazy like me, you probably already know this, but in case not, here’s a cool little factoid. Squids actually have really sharp beaks, almost like birds. They’ve got some pretty crazy-looking teeth too. Don’t believe me? Try searching the Internet for “squid teeth.” Freaky, right? Now take a look at this new image we just received. Looks like the mystery squid creatures have some pretty crazy chompers too!


Squid Research Lab breaking news! We’ve just received new intel on a fascinating device discovered in the underground octopus base. Apparently it’s possible to ride along these ink rails when in squid form!

We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this, and the screen of 'ink rails' looks particularly interesting.

Is the Splatoon hype still real for you?