MK8 Game Pad

Over the past weekend we saw some chatter around a potential 'new' GamePad in a Mario Kart 8 commercial posted on the Japanese YouTube account; we clicked on over and were disappointed. The focus was on a GamePad shot that showed a controller that appeared thinner but blurry, but we realised this was actually a retread of a commercial released in Europe in May.

We ignored it for that reason, but as it's been picked up by mainstream sites and we've had understandably excited readers get in touch, clarification is needed. This is an old commercial that's been in the public domain for over six months, surely reducing the likelihood of it hiding some kind of GamePad controller reveal.

We actually posted the original back in May from the Nintendo UK account; as you can see below, they're the same.

In fact, there was a second commercial released in Europe in May showing a similar effect.

In conclusion, we suspect this is just mediocre effects work. As the idea is to portray speed as the players literally zoom around the room, the perspective of the GamePad is warped; it's not done particularly well, but that's likely the aim. When you look at all the other shots in these commercials it's a normal GamePad in the player's hands.

So, it's a seven month old advert. We doubt a new GamePad was teased in a European commercial way back in May.