Is it still coming?

Remember Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem? The Wii U crossover was announced back in January 2013 to great fanfare from followers of both franchises, but since then information on the title has been scarce.

At E3 this year Nintendo producer Hitoshi Yamagami confirmed that the game was still on schedule, but no new footage or screenshots were shown — quite a strange turn of events when you consider how long it has been in development.

Rumours are now circulating online that the game has been completely abandoned, and although the source — 4chan — is somewhat questionable, its posters have been right on other (admittedly rare) occasions.

Here's the general gist from the original post, which we've tweaked to incorporate better language:

  • Development was difficult because of differing viewpoints on how the project should be handled story-wise. Apparently the SMT team was possessive and difficult around the story, and the FE team was frustrated because it was being bossed around, which created tension and overall awkwardness.
  • The project was restarted 5 times, which lowered the team's morale.
  • TBA at last E3 was only because Nintendo still had faith in the project.
  • Atlus was more optimistic, but the first point worried them.
  • The only version the developers put out wasn't approved by Nintendo/Atlus due to lack of quality, which further decreased morale.
  • Both Atlus and Nintendo were frustrated with their respective teams upon cancellation. Expect some shuffling of employees due to "conflictive" behaviour.

The author also said that IGN will be posting the official news on the cancellation tomorrow (5th December).

Do you think there's any truth in this rumour, or do you have faith in Nintendo's assurances that the game's release date is still "TBC"? Let us know with a comment.