Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Ever since Nintendo introduced 3DS themes with a recent system update, we've seen a steady stream of cool backgrounds on our beloved handhelds. However, as if often the case, our Japanese friends are getting a superior offerings. There are already plenty of amazing themes available in that part of the world, and Sega has just added two more — and for fans of Nintendo's one-time rival, they're the stuff dreams are made of.

The two themes are both available for 200 yen. The first shows an arcade complete with an Aero City cabinet and ambient, arcade-like background sounds. The bottom screen shows the control area of the cab, complete with Player 1 and Player 2 sticks and buttons.


The second theme is going to be even more nostalgic for Sega fans, as it features a design based on the Mega Drive console. There's an image of image of a Mega Drive console on the top display, but scrolling to the right shows a Mega CD console as well. The music playing in the background is the Mark 1 Mega CD boot-up tune.


We can only hope that these themes make their way to the west, but given that they're based on the Japanese versions of the hardware, it might be unlikely. Still, keep those fingers crossed and put them on your list to Santa, and you never know what might happen.