When we look back at viral and slightly confusing 2014 hits in gaming, Flappy Bird is likely to be on the list. Despite being an infuriating and simple game in which you simply tap to flap, it was downloaded millions of times and spawned enough clones to populate a dodgy Star Wars prequel. The trend eventually reached Wii U, with a satire-aside-from-the-fact-it-costs-money release, Spikey Walls.

It seems that the fading of the craze hasn't put off new developer Carbon Fire Studio, however, which has released a trailer and assets for Frenchy Bird. It utilises the basic concept of flapping through obstacles — as a pigeon this time — with an angled camera and some primitive scrolling Parisian streets in the background; there'll also be online leaderboards and Miiverse stamps to unlock.

This is currently set for early 2015 in North America and Europe. Is this something you want on your Wii U, or is it about as welcome as that unpleasant white substance left behind by real pigeons? Let us know!