Chip Tanaka

Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka has a firm place in Nintendo's musical foundation. Most prolific in the '80s and earlly '90s, some of the more memorable songs in his repertoire include the themes to Metroid and Kid Icarus, "Song B" in Tetris and "Balloon Trip" from Balloon Fight, among many others. The man even had a hand in designing the Game Boy's audio hardware and also made the Game Boy Camera.

So what is a talented man like Tanaka doing nowadays? What he does best, of course. Red Bull Music Academy Radio has recorded Tanaka, who now largely goes by Chip Tanaka for his club performances, blazing a more than 30-minute live set at the Cart Diggers event in Japan. You can listen to it below:

[video removed]

So what do you think of Tanaka's sounds in 2014? Let us know!

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