Bad guys always finish first

We've all got our own personal preferences when it comes to Mario Kart. Some of these have been built up over the past two decades since the SNES original was released, while others are founded on more recent instalments. Which character a person picks says a lot about their play style and temperament — and thanks to an exchange with the actor Michael Cera, we now know that talk show host Jimmy Fallon likes himself a bit of Bowser action on the track.

Fallon was interviewing Cera on his show when the two revealed that they played a game of Mario Kart 8 before the filming began. Cera emerged victorious, but Fallon revealed that he deviated from his usual favoured pick — Bowser — in order to "be nice" and let Cera win. The conversation is sure to bring a smile to the faces of many a Mario Kart fan, and it's great to see Nintendo being talked about on such a high-profile show.

Do you agree with Fallon's pick? Do you think Cera made the right choice by sticking with his favoured selection, Wario? Do you think the vehicle or kart selection is more important? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below, and while we're on the subject be sure to check out our guide to choosing the perfect set-up in Mario Kart 8.