Earlier today we bemoaned the price hikes and lacking stock of the GameCube Adapter for Wii U, which doesn't appear to be improving after over a week in North America and at launch in Europe. That's a pity, especially if it means some of those with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U can't enjoy the game with their controller of choice.

The special edition GameCube controller is also hard to find, but as highlighted by Tiny Cartridge the upcoming release of the game in Japan also brings with it the controllers, and an opportunity to pick them up. We use the plural for controller deliberately, as Japan has a lovely white version available, too.

White GC Controller
White GC Controllerimage1

Well known import retailer Play-Asia has pre-order stock for both, either the black version or the Japan-only white equivalent. They're just GameCube controllers, so they'll work on any GameCube or backward compatible Wii worldwide. They're available at a price more sane than those being thrown around on eBay, plus the white one could be a unique addition to your collection.

We should add that the adapter appears to have region-specific versions (all sold out on Play-Asia, it should be added), though as the controllers are global we can't envisage compatibility issues with an adapter; it's the adapter's region that must match your system.

These controllers — even the white one — are in stock for pre-order at this stage; are you tempted?

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