The "Twilight Princess" DLC pack is just around the corner for Hyrule Warriors, and Famitsu has revealed the downright quirky content that'll be included.

The headline — for us, anyway — is the emergence of a Link costume in which he's dressed like the Postman; it's quite a bizarre sight, and fans of Twilight Princess may also be pleased to see Ilia make an appearance [Update: this is actually an alternative Zelda costume].

Link Postman Pants

Next up we have a blast from the DS past with Zelda summoning statues with a new attack rod, though this was also a feature in Twilight Princess:

Zelda Staff

As previously announced Twili Midna will be available, and in the screens below you can see her appearance and her attack as she rides wolf-form Link, similar to the standard Midna character.


Ganondorf appears to be swinging around 8-bit chest keys as weapons, which could be quite dangerous.

Ganondorf8 Bit

In addition there'll be a new Adventure Map, once again expanding the content available. Some of the outfits and new characters / weapons are certainly eye-catching this time, though, so let us know what you think.