Twili Midna

Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma has today revealed new information via The Legend of Zelda Miiverse community about the upcoming Twilight Princess DLC, coming soon to Hyrule Warriors.

The second pack from Koei Tecmo will include Midna's true form, Twili Midna, as a playable character according Aonuma's latest post:

This time around, there will be a new playable character - someone from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess... Who do you think it is? Here's a hint: this character only appeared in this form at the very end of Twilight Princess. In that game, Midna is cursed and cast out from the Twilight Realm, but now you will be able to unleash her true form as Twili Midna!

Aonuma went on to explain how he felt it was unfortunate such a well-designed character was only able to appear at the end of Twilight Princess, and how he is happy to see her return to the current Nintendo generation ready for action with an arsenal of weapons:

Twili Midna's weapon is the Mirror of Twilight, which appeared in Twilight Princess. This mirror was destroyed at the end of that game, but it's pretty amazing in Hyrule Warriors.

He also mentioned how there was plenty of other content to enjoy in the upcoming pack including new weapons, costumes, and an adventure map – and noted that for one of the costumes players would be able to dress Link up as a familiar character from the Zelda series.

The Twilight Princess pack for Hyrule Warriors will be released globally on November 27th. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited about playing as Twili Midna.