If you've been able to pick up a GameCube Controller Adapter for your Wii U Smash enjoyment, you might just be a lucky quick adopter. The accessory is sold out in a number of places in North America, and a quick check online of stores such as Best Buy and GameStop are turning up nothing but Iinternet tumbleweeds. Amazon.com had some more available earlier today, but they went faster than a 1-stock Fox/Sonic match starting at 300% damage.

More inventory is almost assuredly on the way with this apparent sales success, but a response to a fan on EB Games Canada's Twitter feed implies that a restock may not be happening soon:


If true, this may be a case of experimenting with a product to determine its demand and avoid overproduction, wanting enough to spread globally for nearing releases, or there could be another reason why the adapters aren't flowing. Either way, it looks like it'd be a smart business move for someone at Nintendo to be scrambling over this right now.

Did you have luck picking up a controller adapter? How's availability looking in your area? Let us know below.

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