Loot Crate

Earlier this week it was announced that there would be a Loot Crate amiibo subscription package — it's a service where you pay monthly in return for regular deliveries of goodies.

This is a Nintendo of America partnership, and details have now been confirmed for the amiibo subscription deal; it's limited to the US only, unfortunately, despite Loot Crate typically being available in a number of countries. The final offering is over three weeks, with the following delivered each week.

  • Week 1 — 4 amiibo (Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Pikachu), a collectible mini-mag, plus an exclusive sticker & wristband.
  • Week 2 — 4 amiibo (Fox, Yoshi, Peach and Samus), a collectible mini-mag, plus an exclusive cinch bag.
  • Week 3 — 2 amiibo (Luigi and Zelda), a collectible mini-mag, plus an ultra rare t-shirt

10 amiibo and some goodies, then, but the pricing may make some think twice. There are two payment options, either weekly or a slight reduction for a one-off payment.

  • $55 per week for three weeks — total of $165
  • One off payment of $155

The amiibo figures are typically around $12.99 at retail, so the 10 on offer are worth about $130, with the rest accounting for the extras such as the magazines. It's a lot of money to put down, while there's naturally a lot more flexibility in simply choosing from the range yourself; by February 2015 there'll be 29 toys available in total, 18 of those before the end of 2014.

You can visit the official website for details, are any of you in the US interested?