Project CARS has had a rather protracted development to date, with the realistic driving sim picking up Bandai Namco as publisher but also getting pushed back to allow for further development. Most versions are now due in March 2015, while the Wii U iteration will arrive later next year.

While it's pleasing that the Wii U is still getting a version, especially in light of other cancellations or missed ports we've seen, the delays have certainly harmed the hype around this one. What was at one point a highly anticipated racer has fallen a little off the radar, though we should remember that it'll represent one of the few 'serious' racing games on Nintendo's hardware when it eventually arrives.

To remind us of why we've been interested in this up to now, here are some new screens to look at. With Mario Kart 8 DLC bringing its own blend of madness in the coming week, these show us what karting will look like in Project CARS.

No blue shells or F-Zero tracks, it seems.

Karting Screenshot 8 1415286199
Karting Screenshot 1 1415286187
Karting Screenshot 7 1415286196
Karting Screenshot 3 1415286189
Karting Screenshot 4 1415286191
Karting Screenshot 5 1415286192
Karting Screenshot 6 1415286195