We want, now

D-Pad Studio is currently hard at work on Owlboy, but that doesn't mean that the team behind it can't occasionally let their minds wander. In the case of the studio's painfully talented artist Simon S. Anderson, he's been filling his downtime with mocking up a screen from his dream Wario Land game — and we have to admit, it looks positively beautiful.

Wario — who made his playable début back on the monochrome Game Boy in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 — is one of those Nintendo characters who never seems to get a fair crack of the whip — his last true adventure was in the underrated *Wario Land: Shake It, and outside of the Wario Ware franchise, it seems that the chance of him getting a new outing are slim.

Even so, we'd dearly love to see a new 2D Wario game along the lines of Anderson's delicious vision. What about you?

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