The 3DS has already established itself as a terrific console for fans of RPGs, particularly those developed in Japan. Atlus are the main contributors to that, of course, not only producing excellent titles but also localising them to North America and — gradually — Europe.

Those that enjoy this output have some good news to savour, as we have another crossover RPG on the way; appropriate timing with the recent release of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth in the West. During a live stream even in Japan it's been confirmed that Etrian Odyssey X Mystery Dungeon is coming to the 3DS — it seems to be set for a Japanese release on 5th March next year.

A collaboration between Spike Chunsoft and Atlus, the former is apparently taking the lead in development, suggesting the Etrian Odyssey cast will find themselves in a Mystery Dungeon-style adventure. The Spike Chunsoft series hasn't had too much of a release history in the West — Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer did get released on DS, however — so its localisation hopes likely rest on the popularity of the Etrian Odyssey franchise. We're optimistic in light of the recent track record of Atlus; in any case, you can see a trailer for it below.

If that's not enough, the same broadcast also teased Etrian Odyssey V, while there's also a rather attractive official website. Considering the fact that releases I-IV have all been on DS and 3DS there are good odds that V will follow the trend, but it's not 100% confirmed for the Nintendo portable as yet.

Are you excited about this crossover and the Etrian Odyssey V teaser? Let us know.