An area of interest going into the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Nintendo Direct was exclusive gameplay modes on the home console. We've covered a number of these already in other articles, while some existing modes will also be shared with others through the inclusion local co-op. Yet there were some other exclusive modes or variations worth a special mention, three of which are below.

Smash Tour

Smash Tour is the Wii U version's alternative to Smash Run. It functions as a board game — which was leaked by an Amazon listing recently — in which four players try and complete circuits as Miis. Landing on the same spot will prompt a battle, while the goal is to collect fighters and Smash Run-style power-ups; at the end there's a final Stock match, but your stock will consist of fighters that you've collected.

Master Orders

Special Orders is a section that includes Master Orders and Crazy Orders, featuring those famous hands that are found at the end of Classic mode. Master Orders give you tickets to take on, with rewards based on the difficulty of those you choose. Crazy Orders are more of a gamble — it costs gold to enter, and winning consecutive rounds builds big rewards ahead of a final battle with Crazy Hand. If you lose, however, all your rewards will be gone.

Master Fortress

Finally we have Master Fortress, which will appear on the most intense difficulty settings at the close of Classic Mode. This is a new form of Master Core, which is basically a sprawling, dangerous stage.

Are you excited by these modes in the Wii U version? Let us know what you think.