Although it will not be implemented at launch, Nintendo has announced plans to include functionality within Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that allows you to share various content with others over the internet. This feature isn't just limited to friends either, as you can choose to share your creations with the entire world publicly. Although not explicitly said, it would be natural for Miiverse to be the vehicle for doing so. Naturally this will allow a much greater diversity of stages than in previous entries in the series, and with the level of freedom offered to fans, it'll be easy to find something new whenever you feel like a change.

Not only will you be able to share any photos you've taken in game, but also your finest custom fighters, your most jaw-dropping replays, and even custom stages you've made using the game's built-in stage editor.

Sharing Stage

There's also a lot of functionality that expands what are essentially solo experiences on the 3DS version into multiplayer delights. You can play Target Blast, Event Matches, Home-Run Contest, Smash Tour, and even Classic Mode with at least two players now. These changes really take advantage for the Wii U's living room-friendly ethos, and hopefully will encourage Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to be a much more social endeavour compared to its 3DS counterpart.

Overall it seems that the Wii U version is really pushing the idea of sharing your own experiences within the game with others in a manner that hasn't necessarily been present in previous titles – with a few exceptions, of course – and we're all for moving forward, but what about you? Do you feel a stirring inside you at the possibility of thousands of new stages available to your for free? Let us know in the comments!