Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3 DS

A Sony PlayStation fan by the name of David Smith, who resides in Florida City, has created a petition on demanding Nintendo port Super Smash Bros. for 3DS to the PS Vita.

His reasoning — Sony fans do not want to buy an ‘underpowered console’ but would gladly buy a quality title like Smash Bros; according to his very own research, it is ‘probably’ required by US antitrust law as Nintendo apparently has a monopoly on the brawler genre. Read Smith’s full explanation below:

Nintendo NEEDS to port this game to the PSVita. Many of us Sony fans don't want to buy an underpowered console like the Nintendo 3DS, but we would gladly buy a quality title like Smash Bros. Not only would it be benefical for both fans and Nintendo, but probably also REQUIRED by US anititrust law, since Nintendo has a monopoly on games like Smash Bros. by virtue of having no competing title.

Some commenting on the petition have opted for a little humour, such as this quote from 'Satoru Iwata':

Satoru Iwata - JAPAN

You want a Nintendo game, you buy a Nintendo console. That is how things work.

Please understand.

At the time of writing just under 700 supporters have signed the petition with a remaining 300 needed to hit its target. Obviously the chances of something like this ever happening at this point in time are exceptionally low, but just consider the fact there was a time when the video game world scoffed at the idea of arch rivals Mario and Sonic joining forces. So in that case, anything can happen in the world of video games!

Let us know what you think of the petition, and whether you'll just stick with your copy of Smash Bros. on the 3DS.

Thanks to Benson for the heads up.