The recent announcement of UCraft for the Wii U eShop made it one of a small band of titles on the way to Nintendo hardware that cite Minecraft as a source of inspiration. This effort from Nexis Games is targeting a Holiday 2014 release window, and the developer has now released more details and an extended video of footage.

There are certainly bold ambitions with this project, such as online and offline quests, survival challenges and quest creation options — local multiplayer will support two players, while online action promises 16 players and includes voice chat, the latter likely to utilise the GamePad's microphone. Several unlockable 'realms' are promised that'll feature unique resources, with the first being the Realm of Sumeria.

A variety of free and paid DLC will be available, while the new footage shows the title's interaction with the upcoming SDK Paint, with creations in the latter that can be imported into UCraft; this is described as "the first mod tool for the Nintendo Wii U system" in the official press release.

You can see some of these ideas in the teaser video below, which unfortunately does include some spelling errors. This is clearly a hugely ambitious project, and it'll be interesting to see whether it can deliver on all of its touted features.