Bayonetta 2 has now arrived on Wii U, available on the eShop and, of course, in stores. Yet a quick look on social networks suggests that plenty are struggling to get hold of the game in high street stores, with various retailers apparently selling out of stock. What's going on?

It can mean multiple things. There's clearly demand, which is terrific, though some are suggesting that there may not be enough copies getting supplied to retailers; there are certainly a number of gamers saying they had to travel to multiple stores to find a copy. A lot of these posts seem to be in North America, though here in Europe the dual-disc version that includes Bayonetta — which is a separate edition in the region — is also proving elusive for some.

In order to gauge what's happening for those of you here on Nintendo Life, below are a couple of polls to look into which version of Bayonetta 2 you're buying (eShop or physical retail) and whether you've found stock hard to come by.

How have you / are you buying Bayonetta 2? (615 votes)

Through the Wii U eShop


Buying / bought a download code from a retailer to use on the eShop


Used an online retailer for a physical copy


A physical copy from a store


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If buying from a store, have you had any problems getting a copy? (305 votes)

None at all, first time lucky


I had to go to multiple stores, but I got one


I got a copy, but it wasn't the edition I wanted (PAL regions)


Tried one store, it didn't have it


Tried multiple stores and couldn't get a copy yet


Tried stores, gave up and downloaded it instead


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Let us know how you're getting on and, if you have the game, what you think of it.