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Nintendo UK and publisher Future have confirmed that the next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine — known affectionately as ONM among fans — will be the last. In an official statement it's been confirmed that issue 114 on 14th October will be the concluding release, while the magazine's website and social channels will shut down on 11th November.

A part of the official statement says the following:

The last issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, which launched in the UK in 2002, will be in stores on 14th October, 2014 (Issue 114). Throughout its tenure, Official Nintendo Magazine has continued to bring fans, news, interviews, previews and reviews on both new and retro Nintendo hardware and software.

Nintendo will continue to speak directly to fans via Nintendo Direct, our social media and online channels and public events.

In some positive news it's been confirmed that all of the magazine's staff will stay in work and move to other areas within Future's portfolio. It's certainly a blow to fans of the magazine and print media focused on Nintendo, however, especially following the previous closure of Nintendo Power in North America. As for those in the UK that are current subscribers, there'll be a letter offering the option to continue automatically with a Gamesmaster subscription or, alternatively, to cancel and receive a refund.

Are you an ONM subscriber, or just sad to see another Nintendo magazine close? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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