A pre-captured pumpkaboo appears!

As a spooky special for the month of October Nintendo is offering Pokémon fans a super-sized pumpkaboo, via online distribution for Pokémon X & Y. This particular Pokémon has a high probability of possessing its hidden ability, Insomia, something very rare in pumpkaboo of this size.

This distribution is live in Europe and North America, and will run until October 31st. A super-sized gourgeist, the evolved form of pumpkaboo, is also a required Pokémon for the Trick-or-Treat Friendly online competition which will be held on October 24th.

Did you download this Pokémon already or is it on your to-do list? Are you planning to enter the competition after some special trainin'? Have a sudden craving for pie? Share recipes in the comments!

Thanks to RainbowGazelle for the tip!

[source serebii.net]