We like to keep an eye on Kickstarter here at Nintendo Life, as it's helped some pretty fantastic projects to get off the ground in the past. Today, news has emerged that the outspoken developer behind UCraft has taken to crowd-funding in order to see the title through to completion.

Nexis games has directly referenced the 'fans' before, though never in search of financial support. From the initial reveal that a Minecraft clone was in development, to an extended list of highly ambitious features, Nexis has made it clear that it's doing this for the community, because Wii U owners deserve new experiences. It's been an admirable sentiment, if a little shaky given their track record on the eShop and the sheer size of the project.

Now the team has appealed to the community, asking them to show their support with their wallets this time.

Nexis Games is preparing our first KickStarter campaign for UCraft because we need your help to make this game great. UCraft deserves nothing but the best in Art, Music, Design and engineering and with your support we can make it happen! By supporting this KickStarter you ensure that UCraft will be great and something that we as Nintendo Lovers can be proud to call our own.

The Kickstarter page hasn't been formally launched yet, as it's due to open at 3.00pm, Central Standard Time today, but you can check out the full announcement right here.

Whether or not this will affect the projected 'Holiday 2014' release window remains to be seen, but are you willing to chip in if it helps this title deliver? All backers will also be able to download an exclusive texture pack, so...there's that, we suppose. Textures! Leave a comment below with your opinion on this announcement!

[source nexisgames.com]