Mega Rayquaza2

There's been a lengthy Niconico broadcast of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire today in Japan, and as was promised there's been a major reveal to excite fans. Mega Rayquaza has been announced, and looks set to play an important role in the story.

To start with the technical details — via Serebii — we're told that Mega Rayquaza will be a dragon / flying type with some new abilities. Delta Stream creates a "new weather effect" that weakens attacks normally critical to flying types, protecting others in the process; it's only effective when Mega Rayquaza is in battle. An additional move will be Dragon Ascent, which will apparently be the most powerful flying-type move.

In terms of its importance to the story, its status as a Mega Evolution rather than Primal Reversion will be explained, while it'll Mega Evolve in a unique way.

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Mega Rayquaza3