It's been a while since our last Kickstarter summary article — our apologies, please understand — so we thought we'd make a return to check on the success or otherwise of those that made the list last time, while also highlighting new projects currently doing the rounds.

As before we are showing projects with attainable goals and those that generally look promising; there are some suggestions we've received that don't quite hit the standards we're aiming for. Community feedback always brings more games to our attention, of course, so keep at us with those suggestions.

All of that said, let's get to it.

Funded Projects

Adventures of Pip — Wii U included in core goal [$53,000 of $40,000 target reached, 3 days to go]

Adventures of Pip

The original campaign for this game was aborted, so it's been second time lucky for Tic Toc Games. The key selling point is that this platformer incorporates three different core forms for the hero, who can also absorb the pixels of enemies as weapons. The different move-sets and capabilities of the three forms — tiny, gangly and strong — could make this a unique experience.

Chances of success: Funded and confirmed for Wii U, targeting early 2015

Nefarious — Wii U included in core goal [$50,331 of $50,000 target raised]


This is a 2D platformer that switches things up by placing you in the role of villain, as you're the one doing the princess kidnapping and outwitting heroes. This is boasting some eye-catching visuals that show an impressive attention to detail.

Chances of success: It was a very narrow success, but the Wii U version is funded - targeting mid 2015.

A Rite from the Stars — Wii U included in core goal [$41,302 of $40,000 target raised]

Rite From the Stars

Inspired by point-and-click adventures of old, this incorporates a 3D graphics engine, featuring multiple paths and different endings depending on performance. The developers cites unique features while staying true to the genre as key goals.

Chances of success: Only just, but funded for Wii U — targeting May 2015.

Hive Jump — Wii U included in core goal [$58,675 of $50,000 target raised]

Hive Jump

This one looks particularly attractive and was originally pointed out to us in the comments. With punchy retro-styled visuals and sound, this is a run and gun action game with some elements of strategy thrown in. Online and local co-op for up to four players looks fun, as do upgradable weapons and permadeath; the target Wii U release (Fall 2015) is later than on PC, while the developer aims to give the Nintendo system's version some unique features.

Chances of success: A successful last two days confirmed the Wii U version, targeting Q3 2015

The Power of Glove: A Power Glove Documentary — [$18,278 of $15,000 target raised]

Power Glove

As the title makes clear, this is a film project to produce a documentary all about the iconic but barely functional NES peripheral. It's production slowed down, with this campaign aiming to secure funds to get it over the finish line.

Chances of success: Funded.

Pending for Wii U

Aegis Defenders — Wii U included as $150,000 stretch goal [$145,815 of $65,000 raised]

Aegis Defender

Already a significant success in its campaign, this looks like a stylish tactical platformer in which two players co-operate and use various items for self-defence and navigating the environment. The pitch trailer shows promising use of these mechanics with some attractive visuals.

Chances of success: Paypal donations are slowly taking the developers towards the Wii U goal, but as yet it's not been reached.

Ray's the Dead — Wii U included as $65,000 stretch goal [$51,773 of $30,000 raised]

Rays the Dead

Another success story, this game has eye-catching visuals and a neat hook as you raise the dead — hence the wordplay in the title — to accompany you on an adventure; it seems to be part exploration, part strategy as you lead and hurl an undead army into action. It's all with the goal of exploring Ray LaMorte's backstory.

Chances of success: Pre-orders from the game's website will apparently count towards stretch goals, so there's hope yet for a Wii U version.

New Projects

Warlocks — Wii U included in core goal [approx $21,850 of $25,000 target reached, less than 24 hours remaining]

Warlocks Wii U

A title we covered recently, this is an action platforming game with multiple areas to explore, loot to collect, bosses to battle and different playable characters to master; online and local co-op will also feature.

Chances of success: It'll come down to the wire in the final hours of the campaign.

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King — Wii U included as $250,000 stretch goal [approx $14,700 of $45,000 target reached, 16 days remaining]

Blossom Tales

This looks like an utterly charming action RPG, with pixel-based visuals shown off to great effect in the pitch video. There are very clear moments of inspiration from the 2D top-down Legend of Zelda titles, particularly A Link to the Past, including some of those famous mechanics. Despite those familiarities there seems to be a neat twist that the plot is based off storytelling in-game, with some twists and unexpected developments promised.

Chances of success: Despite the outlandish stretch goal, the developer's emphasized that the Wii U is top of the porting list and has decent odds if the project's core goal is reached.

Wii U funding missed

Super World Karts — Wii U included as $32,000AUD stretch goal [$17,816AUD of $16,000AUD target raised]

Super World Karts

This is a Mode-7 Super Mario Kart-inspired racer, with its own range of modes, racers, courses and items. It looks a little rough and ready — and has lifted a few sound effects from well-known retro games — but looks rather charming and chaotic.

Chances of success: The campaign fell well short of the Wii U goal, and there's been no indication of that being overcome.

Let us know what you think of this current crop and the newcomers, and by all means share other projects that have been left out in the comments below. We'll also endeavour to get back to more regular updates, we promise.