Warlocks Wii U

In the absence of our Kickstarter update, which will return in the coming days, it seems like a good time to highlight Warlocks, a campaign close to closure that is targeting Wii U. A fast paced action platformer with pixel graphics, at the time of writing it's raised nearly $19,000 of its $25,000 goal, with around 60 hours of funding time left; it'll certainly be a close call, and the Wii U version is in the core goal.

Warlocks is the work of One More Level, a studio based in Karkow, Poland. The game is an action platforming title with multiple areas to explore, loot to collect, bosses to battle and different playable characters to master. There'll be some competitive modes, too, but a key feature is four player local and online co-op, with the clear goal of encouraging everyone to play through the experience with others.

Already Greenlit for Steam on PC, the small team is aiming to fund the final steps of development and, of course, that Wii U version. You can see more of the game and the team below, including the impressive lead programmer Max Strzelecki, who was born without arms and does all of his typing and work with his feet.

Have a look at the pitch video and let us know what you think. Would you like to see this get over the line and come to Wii U?

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