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At this year's EGX we hosted the Mario Kart 8 UK Championship with The Official Nintendo UK Store in order to find the best Mushroom Kingdom racer in the entire country.

After a series of gruelling online heats we whittled it down to 12 challengers, all of which met at EGX to decide who was the supreme talent on the track. It wasn't just bragging rights that were up for grabs — there were prizes galore for all contestants, with the top three racers getting gleaming Mario Kart trophies as well.

After a particularly tense set of races where much rubber was burnt and plenty of paint was traded, it was Jamie Skepper who emerged victorious - our Mario Kart 8 Champion 2014, with Callum "Zap" Douglas in second place and Xander Gilbert in third.

It was an incredibly well attended event which had the assembled crowd on the edge of their seats — even the people who were standing up.

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Video edited and produced by Present Inc. Music by DJ Cutman. Photography: Nintendo Life