Maccas MK8 Toys

If Pokémon trading cards and spin discs didn’t tempt any Aussie readers here on Nintendo Life a few months ago, perhaps these Mario Kart 8 toys Maccas – that’s McDonald’s to the rest of the world – are currently offering as their latest Happy Meal promotion in the land down under will.

The Australian deal is exactly the same as the US one previously available. There are seven Mario Kart 8 themed toys and a red visor with Mario’s trademark logo on it to collect. Each vehicle also comes with a sticker sheet, meaning you’ll have to apply the decals yourself. Of course, this offer is for a limited time only with every Happy Meal purchase.

Maccas MK8 Toys 2

If you live in Australia, let us know if you’ll be heading down to your local Maccas for one – or all – of these Mario Kart 8 toys. Also let us know if you’d like to see more Nintendo-themed Happy Meal promotions in the future.