The gang (isn't) all here

Minecraft is massive — so massive in fact that it's one of the few franchises which challenges Nintendo's otherwise iron grip on younger players. We've said several times in the past that Minecraft on the Wii U would make brilliant business sense, but it would appear that 4J Studios business development chief Daniel Kaplan — the guy ultimately in charge of the console ports of Mojang's title — doesn't agree.

Speaking with Total Xbox, Kaplan stated that as far as consoles are concerned, his team is effectively done:

It's mostly about platforms that make sense... With the release of PS4 and Xbox One I think we have fulfilled most of the needs for now. There aren't many platforms left to release on. We'll see, whatever makes sense and if the platform has the user base for it. We won't release on the platform if the base is very small because it's much too big of an effort.

That "user base" comment could be seen as a sideways swipe at the Wii U, which has struggled to achieve a significant market share. However, let's not forget that even the PS Vita has its own version of Minecraft, and that is hardly setting cash registers alight.

Do you think such comments are basically the final nail in the coffin of a Wii U version of Minecraft, or is there still time for 4J Studios to be convinced otherwise? Build up your argument block by block by posting a comment below.

Thanks to PokeMario for the tip.