Dog Sombrero

Watching for Watch Dogs has become a bit of a hobby here at Nintendo Life HQ, taking up the tactic of our canine friends that if you stare at someone — in this case Ubisoft — long enough they'll give in and fetch you that sandbox shooting / hacking game you always wanted. The publishing giant likes to tease before giving a reward however, setting a release window before patting us on the head and saying "well, let's just say TBC now, shall we?"

The company has been a cruel master, in that sense, though Ubisoft Mexico seems to have been left out of the "be inscrutable and mysterious" memo, as it posted a Facebook message — since deleted — with an 18th November release date and the message "the wait is coming to an end"; GamePad usage is unsurprisingly said to include a map on the touch screen.

Ubisoft is yet to provide comment, and as mentioned above the post has since been deleted. The delays to the Wii U version of Watch Dogs have, as we've argued before, perhaps diminished its appeal to a number of gamers; it also won't help that this date would have the title land right in the middle of the Holiday silly season, when a host of other major titles across Wii U, 3DS and rival systems will also be jostling for attention.

Are you still interested in picking this up, or are you going to leave this dog to lie?

Thanks to all that sent this in.