Kart 8 Hack

In recent weeks we've shared some videos from YouTube duo MrBean35000vr, which has followed up its modding of Mario Kart Wii with being the first notable team to hack Mario Kart 8. The modders have been keen to emphasize that their desire to not 'break' the game for others is making them think carefully on how to release the exploit, if at all. The team is keen to produce custom tracks and distribute those without giving away the details of the browser-based exploit.

Destined to be an activity of a tiny minority — especially as Nintendo's system updates lock out the exploit — the videos from the modders have nevertheless been fairly interesting and insightful. A notable example was of Luigi Ghost Data being taken from one track and run in another, allowing the green one to fly around a track and see it from unique angles. The latest video does this with a host of tracks to give some great views; an interesting detail is that some areas don't load fully until Luigi is close in proximity, showing how the game manages its processing load as you race.

Also below, as a little bonus, is a video from a couple of weeks ago showing a three-lap run around the Nintendo 64 Rainbow Road, which is exactly how some fans would prefer to play the iconic course.

These mods are certainly helping us to see Mario Kart 8 in a new way, and due to the constant system and security updates — along with the modders' approach, in this case — the likelihood of the game being 'broken' for the majority seems slim. Let us know what you think of the footage in the comments below.