DS Hardware

The DS family of systems is a fundamental part of Nintendo's history for multiple — and obvious — reasons: it is the company's most successful hardware and the second highest-selling in the industry's history, it introduced a new brand that lives on with the 3DS family, and it sidelined the iconic Game Boy line. Bold and experimental when released, it proved to be an early and vital triumph for Satoru Iwata as Nintendo's President.

With a rich history behind it and Nintendo's eagerness to infuse hardware and software with hidden treats, it's no surprise that the DS has some intriguing facts behind it. The latest video from the Did You Know Gaming channel covers this, along with some 3DS snippets; some of our favourite facts relate to early plans for the system's name, none of which we can imagine latching into the public consciousness as successfully as DS.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.