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Twitch has been growing exponentially over the past year or so, even Nintendo Life has taken the plunge, but for a number of individuals Twitch, and 'casting', has become a way of life. During Heat 2 of our Mario Kart 8 Championship we came across popular 'Twitcher' Spamfish, who was live streaming his attempt to qualify for our live grand final at EGX in London later this month. Ultimately he wasn't quite good enough that time around and Spamfish will be the first to admit that he needed a little more practice before Heat 3. However, we thought it would be interesting to follow his progress in his quest to qualify and therefore we'll be embedding his live stream tomorrow during Heat 3 of the Championship.

We recently had a quick chat with Spamfish, who has now amassed over 68k followers on Twitch, and asked him how training was going:

NL: So, Spamfish, would you like to tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hey! I've been streaming games on Twitch for over 3 years, and a gaming/Nintendo fan all of my life. Even if you haven't seen my stream but use Twitch, you will have probably seen me face-palming, as the 'FailFish' emote is used to express failure on the site. I have spent countless hours in every Mario Kart game, and actually remember travelling to Oxford Street in London for the first time to buy the SNES version as soon as it was released.

NL: Only 24 hours to go, are you looking forward to Heat 3 on Saturday?

Yes, I'm really hyped for the heats and the tournament. The first 2 heats were tough, but it's great to see where you rank compared to other Mario Kart fans. The added incentive of potentially competing at EGX, which I'll be attending whatever happens, with the very best in the country means it should be a lot of fun whatever happens!

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NL: How much practising have you done since Heat 2?

Nowhere near as much as I would like or is needed! The scores people have been setting in the first two heats have been really high, and don't allow much room for error. My relative poor performance so far has meant I've spent more time using different character and kart combinations to test different set-ups.

NL: Which character are you planning to compete as on Saturday?

Since the greatest Mario Kart racer of them all, King Boo, is sadly not in the game, I'll be using Morton or Bowser. For kart set-up going with Landship, Button Wheels, and Cloud Glider.

NL: What do you think is the secret to successfully qualifying?

I think the key to qualifying is the same as doing well in all of the Mario Kart games. A combination of a good start to escape the middle of the pack where items get spammed, knowing the tracks inside-out so you can race clean lines, and then praising the Mario Kart item gods! You need to be in their favour as you never know when a Blue Shell gonna rock your world.

We'd like to thank Spamfish for his time and wish him the best of luck for tomorrow, we'll be watching from 2pm as he attempts to qualify for EGX. If any other racers are planning on live streaming their attempt to qualify for Heat 4 (next weekend) please contact us.

Heat 3 takes place between 2pm-6pm tomorrow, Saturday 6th September for more information please visit nintendolife.com/mk8

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