Today we bring you something a little different, Nintendo 64x64 - a collaboration project between @N64Memories and Nintendo Life.

Now, if you've been a reader of Nintendo Life for a while you'll no doubt be aware that some of our team are huge Nintendo 64 fans, so you can imagine their excitement when good friend of the site Steven Smith (aka @N64Memories on Twitter) approached us with an idea - reviewing 64 games, each in 64 words.

Our very own Martin Watts took on the responsibility, along with Steven, to each write 32 x 64 word reviews for their own varied selection of Nintendo 64 games, which we will be publishing over the next 64 days.

"As a console and library of quality games, the Nintendo 64 has never been bettered in my opinion. There have been a number of criticisms levelled at it over the years, certainly. However, the aim here is to forget all that and just showcase the N64's diverse range of games in short bursts so that debate and discussion is hopefully generated amongst us all." - Steven Smith

We want to share our memories with you, but we also want you to share your memories of each game, so make sure you leave a comment or share on social media, you'll find us using #nintendo64x64 and #n64memories.

"The N64 represents an interesting period in Nintendo's history as a video game manufacturer. It has always been my favourite console, for it delivered a wealth of ground-breaking and innovative games, many of which can still be easily enjoyed today. Despite its issues, the N64 is nevertheless remembered by many for notable games such as Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While these games are deserving of all the praise bestowed upon them, it sometimes feels like they're the only reasons why the N64 is remembered. Like Steve, I too wish to highlight that there are many interesting and entertaining titles beyond Nintendo's first-party offering, which you should certainly take a look into should you ever get the chance." - Martin Watts

Whilst the project will highlight Martin & Steven's choices we didn't want it to be an exclusive club, that's why we've made it possible for every Nintendo Life user to submit their own 64 word review of each game and become part of our project.

So, shall we get started? I think you can guess which game we selected to kick things off.

1/64: Super Mario 64