Mario Kart TV App

Mario Kart 8 is the ultimate evergreen title for Wii U, and is likely to retain that crown over the coming years. It's not just evergreen in terms of sales, either, but also through its ability to keep players coming back week after week; that's largely driven by the online options.

Mario Kart TV is a part of this, though it's perhaps been somewhat forgotten as many get down to the important matter of racing. The official website — which is accessible on PCs and smart devices — has progressed a great deal from its humble origins. Early additions were the ability to log in with your Nintendo Network ID and watch videos uploaded by friends, while also comparing your Time Trial performances with others.

A recent update to the website means you can now view your favourite Tournaments — which can be accessed to see leaderboards and related videos — and you can look at a friend's profile to check out their online ranking. A particularly useful feature, if you're contemplating jumping on for a game with friends, is that you can see which of your friends are currently online and playing the game.

Mario Kart TV has certainly evolved into a useful way to check out some videos or see what your friends are up to in the game, and serves as a useful indication of what Nintendo can deliver with websites / web apps that utilise Nintendo Network ID data.

Have you used Mario Kart TV's web page recently, and are you planning to check it out now that some updates are in place? Let us know.