Falling Skies Wii U

Following news back in June that Little Orbit was bringing a video game adaption of DreamWorks’ critically acclaimed sci-fi television series Falling Skies to the Wii U, the publisher has now revealed that the system's version will be released on the eShop, not at retail as with PS3 and Xbox 360. The initial announcement had it the other way around, with a physical retail release but no mention of the eShop.

In Falling Skies: The Game, the developers are aiming to deliver gritty and tense world in the style of a turn based tactical strategy game – with a focus on covert tactical operations against the Espheni who are fighting to survive against alien invaders, whilst at the same time rescuing & recruiting survivors to join the 2nd mass. As previously noted, the title will offer a unique story line with well known heroes, and plenty of missions to play through.

Falling Skies Wii U 2'

Adding to the experience are character skills, equipment upgrades, dynamic enemy AI, map randomisation, two gameplay modes including Resource Management and Tactical Combat, and a base camp with other features including unit customisation, recruitment, paying respect to fallen comrades and more. Players will also be able to purchase upgrades and perks for their characters, providing a significant advantage in battle.

When in combat, the player will take control of each squad member in turn, with the aim to successfully complete mission objectives. Each unit has a set amount of action points per turn, including movement, shooting, abilities, items and reloading. Players will need to coordinate actions to be successful as a squad, with each turn consisting of a standard ally phase and enemy phase.

If you’re a fan of the television show, let us know if you’re interested in this one. The move to eShop-only is perhaps smart to ensure the release goes forward while minimising the cost to the publisher, but let us know whether you agree that's the case.