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Publisher Little Orbit has announced that it's planning to release a new Wii U game based on sci-fi TV drama Falling Skies this autumn.

Known simply as Falling Skies: The Game and described as a tactical strategy RPG, the game is set within the post-apocalyptic world of the series, in which an alien race has conquered and wiped out the majority of mankind. Players will command a squad of survivors who form part of the 2nd Mass, one of major remaining human resistance groups in North America, and will engage in guerilla warfare against their technologically superior invaders. Fans of the show may be happy to learn that the game will also feature all of the show's main characters.

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This new game promises to provide players with a supposedly never-ending list of missions. Characters receive new skills and weapon unlocks as you play, and the tactical nature of the gameplay will enable you to take different approaches to achieving your objectives. More specifically, Falling Skies: The Game will also have dynamic enemy AI and map randomisation in order to – in the press release's own words – make each mission feel "new and fresh".

Falling Skies: The Game will arrive on Wii U as a physical release, and although it has been announced for other digital services, including Steam, PSN and Xbox Live, a Wii U eShop version doesn't appear to be on the cards.