We don't know about you, but we're pretty hyped about the forthcoming release of the New 3DS — there's just something about fresh Nintendo hardware that excites the places other companies simply cannot reach.

However, out excitement levels have been pushed to the limit by the news that the standard "New" 3DS system will boast interchangeable "Kisekae" cover plates. First amiibo, now this — we can practically hear our bank balance groaning with pain.

Anyway, here's (almost) the entire roster of face plates for you to gaze in wonder at. For some reason, Amazon Japan doesn't have a listing for number 38, which is Monster Hunter-themed plate.

Which one will you be picking?

71 Yb IU4 O BML. AA1275

6188 Gh ZOFv L. AA1275

71 VEB2 O Zt PL. AA1275

71 RNp+ P+ 9 RL. AA1275

71 Fjl Tafla L. AA1275

71 Aag O21 JAL. AA1275

71 Tphf AOMHL. AA1275

61 IB3 JCekt L. AA1275

71 T Uh LTgea L. AA1275

812 N Z9 Ulq+ L. AA1275

71 Upny G1 J XL. AA1275

71 HACHz Wyj L. AA1275

61 RWb Cb Eh ZL. AA1275

61 SVNyj IGOL. AA1275

61 C6 Qum1 Kt L. AA1275 (1)

61 Nv6 Zw58 IL. AA1275

61 Wy0 QAA+ 7 L. AA1275

71 XZu Bpig VL. AA1275

717 MGXug ESL. AA1275

71 Jxbz Inq OL. AA1275

81 KG9 Cq UZFL. AA1275

71 Nt77 Xw7 SL. AA1275

61 Nz9 Mb1 Re L. AA1275

71 Mj8 Gj0 Mu L. AA1275

71 Ewdo Ep GL. AA1275

61 ZYCci+ Wf L. AA1275

61 X Siw0 M F3 L. AA1275

71 X ZTDc Ye UL. AA1275

61+ Hc Hyz Yk L. AA1275

71 Yfqe Taa IL. AA1275

61 Xy F57 LKd L. AA1275

61 Ea St Sk UL. AA1275

71 Z O0 O Cv CSL. AA1275

81 Q Jy83 Wj9 L. AA1275

7195 Zw Jx D6 L. AA1275

61 Rg A9 MWODL. AA1275

61 Fmfd Ci LAL. AA1275

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