The people you see on the Nintendo Life StreetPass stand!

EGX London — the UK's biggest gaming event — kicks off this week. With massive support from Nintendo — as well as the official Mario Kart 8 UK Championship (being overseen by none other than Nintendo Life, we might add) — you'd think there were already enough reasons to get very excited about the show, but our friends at Gamer Network (the guys behind EGX) have come up with a little something extra.

They're asking for attendees to put together a video filmed during EGX, with the best ones being rewarded with a pair of tickets for EGX London and EGX Rezzed events until the day they die — or until the shows stop taking place, whichever of those two tragic events occurs first.

Once the show is done and you've filmed your masterpiece, you can submit it by tweeting it with the hashtag #EGXTV2014 or tagging the video on YouTube with EGXTV. Or, if you want to be old-fashioned, you can email the link to [email protected]. The videos must abide by EGX's terms of conduct.

The panel of judges includes Yogscast Kim, Outside Xbox and Microsoft's Graeme Boyd, as well as Gamer Network's own editorial team.

We did a pretty amazing video for last year's event, where we were in charge of the Nintendo StreetPass stand — but sadly, as we're part of the Gamer Network, we're not allowed to submit an entry (not to mention it's a year too late). SAD FACE.