It was only recently that we were talking about U Craft, an apparent Minecraft clone coming to Wii U, though we've now received some fresh screens of an equally blocky title on the way to the 3DS eShop. Announced earlier in the summer and due in North American in the next month — later elsewhere — is Battleminer, which is bringing its own flavour of the now ubiquitous style to the portable.

This'll feature a procedurally generated world and — apparently — 60 frames-per-second performance, as you mine, gather resources and attempt to rescue poor souls from enormous, intimidating ants in Survival mode. Just like its famous source of inspiration there will be multiple resource types used to forge weapons, ammunition and tools, while away from the ant battling it'll be possible to simply create areas in a separate Creative mode and share images of them on Miiverse. In principle it sounds promising at a relatively affordable price, and developer Wobbly Tooth Games has some previous form on the 3DS with Toy Stunt Bike.

In the absence of the real deal from Mojang we'll have to see how titles such as these stack up on Nintendo hardware. Below are the latest screens to help you decide whether this is now commanding your attention.

Battleminer Screenshot1
Battleminer Screenshot2
Battleminer Screenshot3
Battleminer Screenshot4
Battleminer Screenshot5