Ucraft - 48 Hrs In

The continuing absence of Minecraft from Nintendo systems — a release even less likely following Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang — continues to frustrate some, especially considering the phenomenal popularity of the game. In recent days news emerged of a Minecraft clone on the way to Wii U, though we were uncomfortable reporting on it due to the absence of a named developer.

We can now confirm that Nexis Games is the developer of U Craft. The studio recently made its début on Wii U with BrickBlast U!, of which we were very critical in our review, while it is also working on another game for Nintendo's system called Dance of the Damned. As for this latest project, the developer has told us that it's aiming to release it "before Christmas", though that is not 100% guaranteed.

There's little doubt that this could fulfil a key gap in the market on the Wii U, though it seems like a hugely ambitious project for such a small and relatively unproven studio. The proof of its quality will, as always, be in the final game.

Are you interesting in U Craft, or are you concerned that it won't have adequate building blocks for a solid foundation? Let us know.