MK8 Pit

Over the past year, in particular, Nintendo of America has been pushing plenty of video and social media content to promote its systems and games; other regions have done the same, yet NoA has commissioned a lot of unique content. It produced the imaginative and fairly flashy 'real-life' Mario Kart 8 trailers before its release, as an example.

With the kart racer still integral to the Wii U's major push in the second half of this year, we now have an additional series of videos branded as "From the Pit", in which host Andrew provides basic tips on getting the most out of the game. It's into its second week — we mistakenly ignored the first video thinking it was a re-tread of the previous adverts — and has gone into limited details on items, kart customisations, characters and Mario Kart TV. It's high level stuff targeting those new to the series or just generally inexperienced.

The reaction to the videos has been somewhat mixed; they're certainly loud and rather energetic, undoubtedly targeting young gamers; it's another example of Nintendo taking its message to children. The majority are still selecting the "like" button on these episodes, though it's not exactly unanimous.

Check the first two episodes out, below, and let is know what you think of them.